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Welcome to the virus-bot electronic doctor

System of detection of viral diseases with high accuracy

Our system diagnostics detects different types of viral diseases, such as COVID-19, influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus, enterovirus, and also detects acute respiratory infections (colds). Take care about your health!


Why is it worth using an Electronic Doctor?

  • Sometimes it is not easy to guess what disease you have and how dangerous it is.
  • You will receive a conclusion made by the Viral-bot and a list of recommendations to clarify this conclusion in your e-mail.
  • In the case of a high probability of illness, you will receive a recommendation to visit a GP or call a doctor at home.
  • We make medicine affordable for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

How can we help you

Our electronic doctor will guide you through the predefined algorithms by asking relevant questions about your health condition, habits, working environment, previously diagnosed diseases, and current symptoms.

You will receive a professional risk assessment

Latest technologies will help you in detection and determination of viral diseases

You will receive recommendations for preventing this disease

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