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Welcome to the diet and weight management electronic doctor

System of early detection of nutrient-related diseases with high accuracy

Obesity increases probability of cardiovascular, oncological diseases, and often leads to various chronic diseases. You should be very cautious about your health! We recommend to check-up regularly. Pass the Electronic Doctor!


Why is it worth using an Electronic Doctor?

  • In 80% of obese patients, adverse changes in the cardiovascular system are detected, primarily an increase in blood pressure. An overweight person has increased risk of developing cancer.
  • The nervous system suffers, which manifests itself in sleep disturbance, appetite detection, thirst, autonomic disorders. In men, there is a violation of potency, and in women - the menstrual cycle.
  • Obesity is often accompanied by chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, diabetes, kidney damage, pneumonia. Electronic Doctor can detect those and many other diseases connected to obesity.
  • We make medicine affordable for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

How can we help you

Our electronic doctor will guide you through the predefined algorithms by asking relevant questions about your health condition, habits, working environment, previously diagnosed diseases, and current symptoms.

You will receive a professional risk assessment

Latest technologies will help you in the assessment of diseases

You will receive recommendations for preventing this disease

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