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Welcome to the cardiobot electronic doctor

System of early detection of cardiological diseases with high accuracy

Cardiovascular diseases are leading cause of death globally. Without appropriate tratment they can be very dangerous. We recommend to check-up regularly. Don’t wait until it happens with you.


Why is it worth using an Electronic Doctor?

  • According to statistics, diseases detected at an early stage are more likely to be successfully treated. Quickly and without serious financial costs
  • When the visual symptoms appeared, it may be too late. Treatment and rehabilitation become extremely expensive and doctors can’t guarantee success for 100%
  • We assigned identify the patient’s complaints and symptoms of a possible disease to the program, thereby reducing the time and cost of the consultation
  • We make medicine affordable for everyone, everywhere, anytime

How can we help you

Our electronic doctor will guide you through the predefined algorithms by asking relevant questions about your health condition, habits, working environment, previously diagnosed diseases, and current symptoms.

You will receive a professional cardiovascular risk assessment

Latest technologies will help you in the assessment of cardiovascular diseases

You will receive recommendations for preventing these diseases

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